As a professional family, we have owned and lived on this beautiful, peaceful site of 65 acres, overlooking the vast river valley, for almost 30 years. It has been an ideal location for raising our family.

There is something about the tranquility and sheer beauty of the early mornings and evenings in this pristine setting. The fresh air and the scents of foliage, rising from the valley during the seasons, are captivating.


Over 3 decades ago ago, we decided on the property immediately after walking through the acreage, as it was an emotional moment, a feeling of being home in a place where we would never want to leave. We could have chosen an established, high end neighbourhood, but with the higher density of urban living, we decided that living with nature just outside our door would be luxury living at its finest. And so it has!

Since then, other quite classical and beautiful homes have been built out here, some under construction at this time. Also, 3 new homes have completed construction in Edgemoor, and have very appealing elevations. Another is under way, and more will commence this spring.


The city has rapidly expanded in our direction, and we wanted to preserve the country atmosphere out here with its low density housing. Also, some years ago, we visited the Cotswolds in England, where the rolling countryside and the country homes blended in such a way that the whole area became a national treasure.


So we determined some time ago that we would subdivide a carefully selected portion of our 65 acres, above the coulees, and working with a team consisting of engineers, architects, consultants, appraisers, custom home builders and professional landscaper, we have crafted Edgemoor at Sunrise Point, a unique and one of a kind development of only 18 one-acre lots, using some of the architectural inspiration of the Cotswolds.


Nearby homes (built and under construction), are already consistent with Edgemoor's architectural guidelines.


The paved roads, city water lines, retention pond, grading and shallow utilities are done and the development is complete. Fiberoptic cable, as well as 200 amp power, are incorporated.

Edgemoor and the surrounding acreages are all about the lifestyle. There is serenity and escape from noise and light pollution, but also health benefits, sustainable living, where neighbours are real neighbours, and a sense of safety and security and independence for you and your family prevails.  

Added to all of this are the architectural guidelines backed by restrictive covenant, creating a collection of timeless homes.

To date, those who already have purchased will be wonderful neighbours, sharing the vision of Edgemoor with enthusiasm. There are families with young children, as well as older families, and we look forward to our association with these very nice future neighbours. Their comments may help you in your decision to build your "forever" home here.

We are not, at all, "typical" developers. This is because we will continue to live in this oasis of sorts with like-minded neighbours for years to come. And we think that this makes all the difference in the execution of Edgemoor at Sunrise Point.

We invite you to share this one-of-a-kind opportunity with us, and if you feel inclined to do so, please note that the choices are becoming limited, even in the development phase (nearing completion). Of the 18 lots available, only 6 lots, 4 of them view lots, remain.They have been selling at a good clip, most of them before development was completed.