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LOT PLAN: Drive out today and view Edgemoor. This is from a typical day).
In a rapidly growing city, where urban density becomes a must, some yearn for space, for flora and fauna, for privacy, and soon realize that nature is becoming a luxury, almost unattainable. However, there is a new, boutique neighbourhood which has reached development completion, where unobstructed views of nature, of the vast river valley and distant mountains, can be invited into custom built, timeless residences.
Welcome to Edgemoor, a new executive community built for a lifetime, with its vistas and proximity to amenities, as well as its architectural guidelines. Home sizes from 2000 square feet upwards (timeless beauty of home, not size, is part of the vision). Once you have walked around a one-acre Edgemoor lot, you will be impressed with the possibilities, much more than a standard city lot or even 1/2 acre. Ideal for families. (Several young families as well as older couples have purchased.  See their reasons for choosing Edgemoor over other executive developments on the Comments page). 
Visitors to Edgemoor who are serious about investing in a lot can now envision the type of quality and beauty that can be achieved under the umbrella of architectural guidelines. And this is only the beginning. 
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Lots 1-13 are on the ridge, and have breathtaking ground level views, to the South, of a vast river valley and mountains. The term "dream home site" falls short of doing this justice. It is one of a kind, as the project architect, Alvin Fritz, notes, and we recommend that interested parties carefully compare all that Edgemoor offers with other developments. This will confirm these statements. Please note that only 4 of these view lots remain.
Lots16 and18 border on the pond/park lot and its wild life. Lot 16 is the largest of all. Back lot owners may wish to site and build for best views.
Plan for lot investment ranging from 250,000 to 359,000 dollars.
An essential component is the architectural guidelines which will preserve the timelessness and property values of this pristine location. You will find these to be wonderful. 
If you are intent on exploring this further, you may wish to review the pages on this web site, then contact Stan Mills, REALTOR ® to schedule a visit to the site. 403-394-8898 today and follow us on Instagram (Icon below).
Discover the beauty of Edgemoor at Sunrise Point. This is a view of the valley floor. Arthur Erickson, renowned architect, who designed the University of Lethbridge, said this: 

“The coulees offered extraordinary opportunities: dramatic heights and depths unusual in the Prairies, and the possibility of outlook, proximity to the river and a microclimate milder than the windswept flatlands.”

Below is an elevation of a home design which is now completed on Lot 13, permission given by owner to display on website.

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