1994 June: First deliberations with Lethbridge County development officer re possible subdivision

2009 January: Meeting with engineers

2009 June: First reading of Area Structure Plan

2010 November: Area Structure Plan approved

2011 August: Rezoning as country residential approved

2013 March: MPE water study completed and approved

2013 October: Lethbridge County Land Use Bylaw passed (Edgemoor grandfathered for 1 acre size).

2014 November: Architectural Guidelines (Alvin Fritz project architect)

2014 December: Subdivision approved

2016 September: City water approved

2016 October: City Completed paving from Copperwood to Sunset Acres 

2016 October: Lethbridge City-County Intermunicipal Development Plan passed (future urban fringe development restricted.)

2016 October: Alberta Environment and Historical Resources clearance

2016 November: Development Agreement with County signed

2016 December 7: Edgemoor road beds, front slopes of properties, retention pond largely sculpted

2017 June 2: City water line installed

2017 September: Gravel base and paving completed, completion certificate issued and home building permit applications accepted.

2017 October: Shallow utilities commence. 

2018 January: Street lights turn on for the first time.

2018 June: All shallow services completed.

2019 August: Entrance feature completed

2019 November: County Final Acceptance Certificate issued

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