Trees are essential to early landscaping, even before the home is built, if you can manage this. We can assist in lining up resources to water the trees before irrigation lines are installed and the home constructed.

Architectural controls in Edgemoor allow for lower maintenance than what might be expected for a one acre lot. 


Although smaller caliper trees will comprise the bulk of these plantings, we have sourced much larger trees at very good prices for your own residence, many over 20 feet in height. Larch, apple, crabapple, Douglas fir, spruce, birch, elm, ash, poplar, willow, mountain ash, quaking aspen, burl oak, Schubert chokecherry, apple and pine trees are available.

City water available to each lot.

Good rocks and boulders can be used to frame lot perimeters, to step down on lots with slopes, and for waterfalls and retaining walls. This waterfall and retaining wall at Edgemoor were created with rock available at reasonable prices from quarries in the foothills west of Pincher Creek.

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