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These properties are on the Bluebird Trail, consisting of a series of nesting boxes, maintained by the organization of that name. Watch for bluebird eggs heralding another facet of the beautiful spring mornings out here.

Spring has arrived without much rain this year.

When you have settled on your own lot along the coulee top, you may wish to have your own box installed, and watch the feeding, hatching, and eventual first flights. A robust fence post can be augered in on your property line and the Bluebird Society contacted for placement of a box.

Development is now complete, with the entrance feature also finished.

11 lots are now gone, quite a surprising outcome, but welcomed.

A third residence is completed, and there are plans for new builds during the this Sumer and fall.

Although we will continue to refer to the lot numbers, here is a map if the actual addresses.

We are keeping the lot prices competitive so that those who share the vision of Edgemoor will be more comfortable with the higher build quality and beauty included in the controls.

Watch for the greening of the slopes and new grass, seeded last fall.

We are hearing from various sources that this has become a premier building site. We are compelled to agree!

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