• dkoegler


Updated: Jul 11


Summer in Edgemoor equates with scenic hikes, the song of meadowlarks, and wave after wave of valley edge flowers.

The mountain views have been spectacular, particularly in the mornings, and the sunsets have been vivid and memorable.

Watching thunderstorm clouds march by in this vast landscape is awe-inspiring, because the internal lightning bolts are visible arcing here and there.

The night skies here are filled with stars, and if you wait just a few minutes, you will often spot a satellite or a falling star.

The air is fresh and clean, and the scents of grass and flowers waft up from the coulees. A recent sun shower produced a double rainbow.

Development finished some time ago, and the entrance feature adds character to Edgemoor and helps define the vision of this amazing location.

We are pleasantly surprised at the number of lots that have sold, even before development was completed.

We harrowed and seeded the properties, ditches and pond area with a mixture of prairie grasses to re-establish the fields.

We are now down to Lots 4, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17 and 18.

Wait until you see the newest homes being built!

We have been encouraging those interested to invest now, before the remaining lots are gone. Why not go ahead and get started on the path?

The residents in Edgemoor have been coping very well with Covid restrictions because there is so much space, and proximity to nature has been studied and found to benefit emotional health. Walks along the escarpment, with an amazing variety of flowers, are a release from the stresses of life.