• dkoegler

WINTER 2019-2020 BLOG

Christmas has come and gone in Edgemoor, with the first 3 Edgemoor property owners enjoying their first Christmas in their new homes.

A new residence on Sunrise Road is nearing completion (the second on this road by Stonegate Design/Build). It has beautiful lines.

And another new residence is well along its path towards completion on another view lot.

The entrance feature is finished, and it clearly represents the character and vision of Edgemoor at Sunrise Point.

On some nights, the milky way is easily visible, and occasionally, the Northern Lights will dance across the sky, phenomena that are less well observed in other, more densely-populated areas.

It is quite nice to walk Edgemoor's lanes and enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding this one-of-a-kind neighbourhood.

Spring will herald some new residential construction, and that is always exciting in Edgemoor, because of the unique designs, demonstrating the creativity of owners and their designers.

If you are considering Edgemoor as your new home, this is a good time to consider and invest, as spring and summer will bring new clients out, and you may miss out on the one lot that has caught your eye and heart.