• Architectural guidelines by Alvin Reinhard Fritz, Architect Inc. We have created the environment for a unique neighbourhood aggregate of high quality homes,with unparalleled distinctiveness. Those who have already purchased are committed to the vision, with four custom residences already completed and more to come in the next few months.They speak of elegance, rather than brash luxury, refinement rather than the latest fad. 

  • Projected home sizes: from 2000 square feet. Beauty of design, not size, emphasized.

  • Services include city waterfiberoptic and paving to individual lots. Current county acreage standards require individual potable water cistern and septic field system. 

  • Rapid access directly down Whoop-Up Drive (now twinned near Edgemoor), minutes to local and city core amenities as well as all points south via Scenic Drive. Highway 3 also a few minutes away.

  • Generous 2 year time allowance from purchase to commencement of building. This allows for financing and careful planning of the home design as needed.18 months allowance thereafter to complete building.

  • Excellent custom home designers and builders.

  • Countryside living, timeless designs.

  • NOTE: 11 of the 18 lots are gone. Only 7 lots left. You may not want to lose this one opportunity.  Competitive lot prices, ranging from 250,000 to 350,000.

  • We welcome inquiries from those who wish to share the Edgemoor vision of unparalleled distinctiveness, build their home, and stay for a lifetime; we will be happy to have you come, walk through the lots, and experience the magnificent views. It costs nothing to look!

Edgemoor   Spacious Estate Living