High-density urban living (below) may not be ideal for everyone (crowded street parking, boats, trailers and ATV's and even garage doors dominating front driveways). Little privacy for back yard conversations.
With the recent Covid-19 problem, there has been a greater interest in properties that are larger and more rural or on the city outskirts. Many of those living in these select areas have found it much easier to cope with the pandemic. 
Edgemoor at Sunrise Point provides a a departure from high density living and a lifestyle that allows freedom in many ways.
The depictions (below) of a subdivision created by an Ontario home construction company named Fourteen Estates illustrate a layout similar to Edgemoor in terms of space on 1 acre lots. The waterfall (bottom) is located at the current residence, the rock coming from a quarry west of Pincher Creek. 
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This is an opportunity for you to raise a family or for you and your spouse to finally enjoy the best of retired life in a home and environment that you will forever be happy with: copious space, fresh air, no sound pollution, a majestic view of the river valley and mountains, and close proximity to amenities. The perfect spot to invite your entire family and friends to create and renew memories.
Being close to nature has been shown to benefit mental, physical and social health. And Edgemoor is nature itself. 
For those who want to keep up a large garden, this is one of the benefits of Edgemoor lots. There is a self-sustaining aspect to life out here. City water was approved in the fall. Please note that 9 lots are sold and the remaining lots may be gone very quickly.
 Investing hard-earned funds in the best home and surroundings you can find is a very good idea in this phase of life. Edgemoor's architectural controls and restrictive covenant will help to maintain and increase your property value.

Edgemoor   Spacious Estate Living