There is a retention pond on site that has bullrushes and wildlife at this early stage. Lethbridge County  are looking at future improvements such as pathways, trees and shrubs, benches and rock work.
In the meantime, not only is it an observation area for wildlife, residents of Edgemoor have been skating with their kids on the pond ice in winter. 
LOTS 16 AND 18 are the only pond view lots left. As the retention pond matures, and wildlife visits are more frequent, it will add delight to the  acreage. These lots are over one acre each, but Lot 16 is more spacious and has some contouring to the land that would interest a home designer. That lot is more private and has only one other residence on that leg of the road. 
Lot 18's side yard will run along the pond lot, so the house design should incorporate those views. Also, it is likely to have views of the mountains, given the size of the lots across Edgemoor Way. 
Lot 17 is a large, ideal corner lot with perfect dimensions to position your dream home and display the front and one side elevation. 
For now, the prices of these lots allow more leeway to build your dream home on a substantial property to suit your taste. This was the reasoning of the other buyers in this part of Edgemoor.
If you are serious about building a beautiful home under the umbrella of Edgemoor's architectural guidelines, we welcome you and your family to come and walk on the land, but your richest experience will be to do that with Edgemoor's dedicated and most knowledgeable realtor, Stan Mills. 
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