LOTS 4, 10-12 are the only valley view lots left. We suggest that you compare these with any view lots remaining in the Lethbridge area, considering uniqueness of view, ambience, proximity to amenities, architectural controls, closeness to nature, and tranquility. 
To create a larger estate with a sweeping view, Lots 10 and 11 could possibly be purchased together and combined.
Because the escarpment and river frontage acreage are owned by 2 residents of Edgemoor, the valley view lots have an additional measure of security. These owners have agreed to allow residents of Edgemoor, as a privilege, the enjoyment of hiking and jogging in these areas, similar to the Cotswolds in England.   
If you are serious about building a beautiful home under the umbrella of Edgemoor's architectural guidelines, we welcome you and your family to come and walk on the land. 

Edgemoor   Spacious Estate Living