Let’s start with a description of Lethbridge’s three main “divisions:” North, South and West.




North Lethbridge has much to offer, with its amenities such as Walmart, its very nice new subdivisions, and with new traffic arteries connecting with Scenic Drive and Highway 3.


The industrial park area is off to the east in North Lethbridge, and is conveniently located for many who work and use the services available there. Its south boundary is Crowsnest Trail and the Canadian Pacific Railway.




South Lethbridge contains the downtown core, most of the bulk retail and hospitality establishments, Lethbridge College, and Chinook Hospital. 


It has some very nice older neighbourhoods, with new subdivisions having expanded southwards. There are several higher end subdivisions in this southernmost area, with portions bordering on ravines. The claim for these neighbourhoods is that there is proximity to shopping and to escape from town southwards. 


However, the congestion in this area is increasing significantly, such that it can take considerable time to get to the downtown core, Crowsnest Trail, and Scenic Drive.




West Lethbridge is the fastest growing division in terms of population, ongoing infrastructure spending, new subdivisions, new amenities such as restaurants, clinics, retail stores, schools, and the massive ATB Leisure Centre. Lethbridge University is located here. 


Those who live on the west side work primarily in South Lethbridge, and some in the industrial parks of the North Side. Some are also employed by the University of Lethbridge. 


There are also higher end subdivisions, including the newest: Edgemoor at Sunrise Point.


One of the nicest geographic features is the Oldman River, separating South Lethbridge from West Lethbridge. The span is short, is travelled at 90 km/hour, and has cloverleafs which provide rapid access to the northern and southern portions of the West Side. With twinning of the West portion of Whoop-up Drive, driving almost anywhere is a breeze, with Crowsnest Trail reached in just a few minutes, most shopping in 10 minutes and Scenic Drive even more quickly. From Edgemoor to Costco in the southernmost portion of Lethbridge is 13 minutes.


It is an absolute pleasure to leave work behind, then, drive briefly across the bridge and up the west side hill, and arrive at the non-congested west side.


It is even more of a pleasure to leave even that behind, and arrive at the beauty and serenity of Edgemoor at Sunrise Point, with its ground-level magnificent views of the river valley and mountains.

In summary, North and South Lethbridge have much to offer, but West Lethbridge is growing the fastest, and for good reasons. 

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