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The Edgemoor site has been carefully selected for its dramatic south-facing, unobstructed views to the river valley and the mountains.


It is also very close to all the amenities of the new West Lethbridge Hub. Because of this proximity, the lots have city water, paving and high-speed internet to individual properties.

Since this may be one of the last opportunities in or near Lethbridge where such properties will ever be offered again (see 2016 Inter-municipal Development Plan), we wanted to get this right by basing the neighbourhood on a vision. (Please see the Architectural Quotes page).


That vision is to create a harmonious neighbourhood of timeless homes, with a sense of permanence and beauty, worthy of the surrounding natural environment of the escarpment and river valley. In essence, we have succeeded in changing the meaning, in the best of ways, of owning a custom home in Lethbridge. And, after many of these residences have reached completion, we are very happy with the results to date. 


Traditional Cotswold Stone House Chippin

There is a location in England named The Cotswolds where the homes and the rolling hills blended in such harmonious ways that it has become an international treasure. After visiting the area, we felt that the concept could be modelled at Edgemoor, and so the vision is a nod to those principles captured in the Cotswolds.

Arthur Erickson, a renowned architect, described this river valley as follows, “The coulees offered extraordinary opportunities: dramatic heights and depths unusual in the Prairies, and the possibility of outlook, proximity to the river and a microclimate milder than the windswept flatlands.”

"Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness."

  • Frank Gehry

So, to summarize, the vision is "refined country estate living." 


Smaller home designs are encouraged to be mingled with larger home designs, both reflecting the vision of Edgemoor.


The picture below is a sample of a Cotswold residence. The elements to note are the use of natural materials such as stucco and stone, the masses, the roof pitches, the chimney styles, and the windows. Note the absence of plastic or cement-based siding. But this development encourages variations on the theme of such refined country elegance and welcomes your designer's ideas.

This new home on Edgemoor way is consistent with the Edgemoor vision and has recently been constructed on site. 

Stunning Architecture_edited.jpg

An excellent prairie design (by Douglas Bergen Associates) realized in Southern Alberta. This appears to follow the best of American Craftsman design but carries the same theme of refined country living.

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The home below is designed by architect David Wiggins, who expands on these themes to produce home designs that have modern interiors, but also have timeless exteriors, at reasonable cost.

Note the muted colour palette, the natural looking finishes, good roof articulations, dormers, masses and proportions. English Craftsman influences are prevalent here. 

Lethbridg luxury properties

"A real building is one on which the eye can light and stay lit.” 

― Ezra Pound

Lethbridge luxury properties
These are more examples of proportion, roof articulations, trim and fenestration, along with quality exterior surfaces, including the bottom 2 photos, which demonstrate transitional elements. 
Exclusive, executive, Lethbridge County, county, Lethbridge, vacant land, vacant lot, Edgemoor, Luxury
Lethbridge luxury properties
Lethbridge luxury properties
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