"When I close my eyes and think of home, I think of Edgemoor. The playful sounds of the birds, the breeze amongst the grasses, the beautiful juxtaposition of the mountain peaks against the river valley, the calm of the clear sky and stars twinkling brightly above or the fresh snow across the endless plains; the sound of laughter and friends, and the warmth of community.


Edgemoor is a blend of serene country and breath taking views with the ease of city amenities. More importantly it is the warmth of a close-knit community.


Edgemoor is not just a place to build your home, but embodies timeless design and harmony; it is thoughtful design to complement the landscape.


We couldn't imagine anywhere else to build our 'forever' home."

- A & C (recent lot purchaser)




"With absolutely breathtaking views and very generously sized lots, Edgemoor is the perfect balance between city and country living. This will with no question be a timeless development we'll be proud to raise our family in."


V&R DS (Lot purchaser)



"We are so excited to build in this dream location!


Alvin Fritz met with our own personal builders and easily came up with the ideal design that we absolutely love!"


We love that this neighbourhood will be aesthetically pleasing and of high quality!"

T&C (Lot purchaser)


"Douglas J. Bergen & Associates is honoured to have been selected as one of the consulting firms to provide architectural design at Edgemoor.


We are encouraged by the developer’s strong commitment to the Cotswold style which will anchor this community and provide lasting value.


Our firm looks forward to working with lot owners and builders alike to realize their dream on these generous home sites."


Douglas Bergen, Douglas Bergen & Associates


"It is far and away the nicest development in Lethbridge, in my opinion."

Matthew Deweert, Stonegate Design Build


"Created with a unified vision to build a neighbourhood full of enduring homes, Edgemoor will be a place of permanence and style. Edgemoor offers unobstructed views of the coulees and an architectural focus on timeless beauty. Inspired by the Cotswolds in England, Edgemoor is envisioned as refined yet rustic estate living, offering the large lots of the country combined with the amenities of the city.

From the close proximity of the new West Lethbridge Hub and city water, to beautiful views over the coulees and of your neighbour’s tastefully constructed home, Edgemoor has everything you want and nothing you don’t."

Van Arbor Homes​


"We are very excited at the prospect of building our dream home as part of the new Edgemoor development project. The location is beautiful while being both isolated and close to the city at the same time. We look forward to having the freedom to design a home that fits us and our family in a place that will offer breathtaking views and a relaxed, open environment for many years to come."

S&J (Lot purchaser)

"This will be a major landmark in the area."  


If I had to give one bit of advice to the new homeowners, I would say, when in doubt – copy!  Find the best traditional models for your home and copy everything – especially the massing, rooflines, windows and cladding whether brick or stone.   It is so important to get these basic things in proportion. 


The great thing about the internet is that with a bit of research you are bound to come up with great traditional examples that could inspire your design – and you don’t need to look at huge mansions either – there are plenty of older modest character homes that are quite inspiring." 

Tony Mancini, Toronto Architect, Edgemoor Project Advisor


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