1. A focus on exterior details that delight the eye but also create the “right” feel inside.

  2. An appreciation for history and for authenticity of design

  3. A knack for welding the home to the environment

  4. Ability to create the most usefully modern interiors to produce warmth and intimacy, and balance these with the exterior environment. 

  5. Can provide a portfolio for your consideration that is not at all repetitive. Each design is distinct, every one resulting in a timeless, beautiful home.

  6. They are connected to tradesmen who are proud to be named as part of the team involved with the designer.

  7. Construction documents are detailed, such that the cost estimates are very accurate, with no room for misinterpretation of vision. This process can reduce bid amounts.

  8. Good designers play a significant role in preventing contractor “shortcuts” that mar the design, and can serve as a quarterback to make certain that the trades keep on task and on track so that as the home crystallizes into reality, it matches the dream.

  9. Do not settle for anything less than a certified residential designer. Check the credentials.