Why Architectural Controls?

  • The heart of the matter is this: You will invest a large amount of time and equity into your dream home. Most custom home owners have poured weeks and months, and sometimes, years, into the design of their "destination" home. And with the assistance of an architect or qualified home designer, it will be a quiet landmark of sorts, unique and beautiful.

  • In Edgemoor, the hope is that the home owners will enjoy their neighbours' homes almost as much as their own! Edgemoor has partnered with Alvin Fritz Architects, Inc., to carefully, tastefully, and sensitively create architectural guidelines that will foster beautiful, timeless home designs, then assist clients, home designers and contractors to achieve the dream of the client.

  • The controls are guidelines that allow tremendous creativity while protecting the investment.

  • We believe that each residence in Edgemoor should have a unique sense of character, but also fall under a common theme that promotes neighbourhood harmony and a sense of community.

  • Additionally, when a dream home is built, you may wish to consider the quality of the view as the neighbourhood develops. Do you want trash cans lining the street? Do you want the neighbours’ boats and holiday trailers dominating every driveway? Do you want noisy home industries?  

  • What about the colour palettes and quality and durability of exterior cladding? These items are also included in the architectural guidelines.

  • When you are in the process of designing your home, would you like access to one of the nation’s finest, classically-trained architects to review the plans and make helpful suggestions?

  • These controls make it possible to adhere to professional and well-thought-out-designs, while, at the same time, allowing you the freedom to create your own dream home. 

  • Edgemoor's Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is prepared to assist owners, residential designers and builders in achieving the appropriate architectural vocabulary for their homes to ensure that the entire built community is recognized, not only for its natural beauty but for its significant architectural contribution to the built environment. On the control committee is an award-winning designer/builder and other dedicated professionals to round out the assistance given to the future homeowner. 

  • “A real building is one on which the eye can light and stay lit.” -Ezra Pound

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