1. VIEW: Ideally, a site with a very nice view. Some feature that draws the eye to it, that makes the site more memorable. And if it has a view, think of the future. Will the view change in negative ways? Acreage lots start with The Big Sky view, often with the mountains in the distance.


With expansion of cities and emphasis on high density neighbourhoods, nature, with all of its physical and psychological benefits, often is inaccessible. So, nature with a view becomes true luxury. 


2. SIZE: If you can find a view lot, the home should be oriented for an ideal perspective. A smaller lot limits that capability. A larger lot expands that capability, as well as greater flexibility in design. 

3. SPACE AROUND HOME FOR LIGHT: Lethbridge is so sunny that almost any lot orientation will allow for excellent natural lighting. But a one acre lot, especially a corner one acre lot, provides light and views in 2 directions.


If you’re a morning person, it’s nice to enjoy breakfast near east- or southeast-facing windows.Your home can be designed with nooks that can do just that.

4.  SLOPE: A slight slope helps with drainage but can also allow for an open basement.

5. ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS: You might want to look at the concept of architectural controls embedded in a restrictive covenant that follows that lot's title, as well as every other lot in the specific neighbourhood. Why? Because it protects your investment far into the future. You may already know individuals who thought that the homes in their neighbourhood would all be reasonably tasteful, and then that one bizarre home was built.

6. NEARBY HOME AESTHETICS: The homes in the neighbourhood should be aesthetically close in design to what you desire. Timeless, tasteful, understated designs are always welcome.

7.  AMENITIES: The lot should have as many of the needed services as possible. 


The lot should be located close to convenience stores, schools, traffic arteries and arterioles with rapid access to shopping, work, and egress from the city.

You may wish to look for nearby recreation facilities as well.

8.  DEAD END: Do you want to avoid steady traffic noise? Then plan on a lot within a neighbourhood that has no thoroughfare.

9 . SERENITY: An ideal building site should be located in a neighbourhood that is peaceful and serene, not a carry-over from the hectic work day.

10. A RETREAT: One last item. A good lot, a really good lot, can provide a contemplative space, a place for rejuvenation, a place for mindfulness, even a place for healing (at any age). 


Edgemoor at Sunrise Point has been carefully selected to provide building lots that are not only “good” sites, but are ideal sites, incorporating each and every element mentioned above.


Come to Edgemoor and see what you think. 

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