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Spring has arrived, and the first tiny flowers are appearing along the river escarpment behind the view lots.

A pair of Mallards and Canada geese alternate in the retention pond, and white tail fawns are being spotted in more ways than one with their mothers.

Everything is greening up so nicely.

We have just finished overseeding the lots with prairie grass and are hoping for a good rainfall shortly.

As Covid recedes, we are seeing a fair amount of traffic by interested couples who are escaping their homes in the City.

Today, was absolutely perfect. Light breeze, moderate temperature, sunlight and a few clouds. The meadowlarks have been here for several weeks, and their song is beautiful.

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These properties are on the Bluebird Trail, consisting of a series of nesting boxes, maintained by the organization of that name. Watch for bluebird eggs heralding another facet of the beautiful spring mornings out here.

When you have settled on your own lot along the coulee top, you may wish to have your own box installed, and watch the feeding, hatching, and eventual first flights. A robust fence post can be augered in on your property line and the Bluebird Society contacted for placement of a box.

Five beautiful residences are now completed, 2 more well on their way, and more planned for next spring.

11 lots are now gone, quite a surprising outcome, but welcomed.

The sound of little children's voices floating over the "moor" is delightful.

We are seeing increasing interest on Lots 4, 10 and 11, so it will be exciting to welcome a new neighbour.

Although we will continue to refer to the lot numbers, here is a map of the actual addresses.

We are keeping the lot prices competitive so that those who share the vision of Edgemoor will be more comfortable with the higher build quality and beauty included in the controls.

With some uncertainties about the economy, we are hearing that there is more interest in investing in a "destination" home, rather than the stock market.

May 31: The bluebirds are back. One pair is building a nest in the Bluebird Trail box near Lot 13. They are simply beautiful.

Som red winged blackbirds are appearing around the pond.

The weather and the views are spectacular, especially since the greening up from recent rains.

June 22: Can you imagine waking up on your first morning in Edgemoor? Quiet, peaceful and just beautiful.

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