Fall was upon us rather quickly, the summer having accelerated past as Edgemoor has seen the fourth new home getting closer to completion. Because of their size and quality, it was anticipated that the homes would take a little longer. This is why the architectural controls allow an 18 month building time envelope. And a two year grace period from lot possession to start the build. This allows for owners to really be happy with their designs.

Canada geese have made their formation practice runs over Edgemoor on their way to the river valley.

We welcome our clients who have purchased lots and are very excited for you as you plan your "destination" home, the one that you have always hoped to design and build. What a delight it is to have Alvin Fritz as the project architect, who will assist you as you finalize your unique residential design. Please browse the Page "Design Resources" using the password (if you have forgotten, please call Stan Mills for a refresh). There are quite a number of items such as home design ideas, stucco, fencing, dormers, chimneys, exterior lighting, garages and outbuildings, etc.

It is a real luxury to drive from town, all along Whoop-Up Drive, then along the road to Sunset Acres and all through Edgemoor, entirely on asphalt. This used to be all gravel, and took its toll on our vehicles. Lots 5, 6 and 13 now have asphalt on their driveways as well. The landscaping on the 4 completed residences is beautiful.

The entrance feature has matured with trees and shrubs thriving, and the amazing lighting creating quite the ambience.

In the cooler mornings, the mountains appear in fairly detailed glory.

In the short period of development Lots 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 15 and 19 have sold, and now 4 residences have been completed. We are delighted to welcome these new neighbours, and look forward to the building of more residences in the coming months.

Our realtor has told us that in Lethbridge business meetings, Edgemoor is now recognized as a prime building site.

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